The Puck Project

New Jersey Devils Goalie Puck Project

About The Project:

I have been a New Jersey Devils fan since 1986. I love hockey in general, but for me, the position of Goaltender has always appealed to me. It’s you against the world. Sure, you have a team out there to protect you, but at the end of the day, it’s you versus the puck. Keep it out and you win, don’t and you lose.

I’ve decided that as a way to honor both my favorite team and my favorite position, I am going to attempt to collect an autographed puck from every single Devils goalie.

The criteria are simple. If a guy played even a single game as a Devils goalie, he’s part of this project. Ideally they would all be Devils logo pucks, but I’m willing to depart from that if needed. But, for now, no pucks of other NHL teams or their affiliates.

I will use the blog here to document the search, but also to discuss the ones I have already obtained. Most are eBay purchases so there’s no real story behind them, but if you are bothering to look at this site, you probably like looking at stuff like this!


I’m willing to accept whatever help you can offer. Are you a former Devils goalie? That would be really helpful.

Barring that, maybe you have something you are prepared to sell. Maybe you saw one of the ones I need somewhere and you can point me in the right direction. Maybe you have a contact you can share that may be able to get me what I need. Honestly, any of the above will work for me.

Or, maybe after looking at my lists, there’s a guy I forgot and you can tell me to add him.

If you think you can be of assistance, please reach out!


Players I have already collected:

– Chico Resch (1982-1986)

– Lindsay Middlebrook (1983)

– Shawn MacKenzie (1983)

– Ron Low (1983-1985)

– Craig Billington (1985-1989, 1991-1993)

– Alain Chevrier (1986-1988)

– Kirk McClean (1986-1987)

– Chris Terreri (1986-1996, 1998-2001)

-Bob Sauvé (1987-1989)

– Karl Friesen (1987)

– Sean Burke (1987-1991)

– Roland Melanson (1991)

– Chad Erickson (1992)

– Martin Brodeur (1992-2014)

– Peter Sidorkiewicz (1994, 1998)

– Corey Schwab (1995-1996, 2002-2004)

– Mike Dunham (1997-1998)

– Jeff Reese (1997)

– Richard Shulmistra (1998)

– John Vanbiesbrouck (2000-2002)

– Scott Clemmensen (2001-2007, 2008-2009, 2014-2015)

– JF Damphousse (2002)

– Kevin Weekes (2008-2009)

– Yann Danis (2010, 2016)

– Mike McKenna (2011)

– Johan Hedberg (2011-2013)

– Jeff Frazee (2013)

– Keith Kinkaid (2013-2019)

– Cory Schneider (2013-2020)

– Scott Wedgewood (2016-2018, 2020-2021)

– Ken Appleby (2018)

– Eddie Lack (2018)

– Mackenzie Blackwood (2019-present)

– Louis Domingue (2020)

– Gilles Senn (2020)

– Eric Comrie (2021)

– Aaron Dell (2021)

– Jonathan Bernier (2021-?)

– Nico Daws (2021-?)

– Akira Schmid (2021-?)

– Jon Gillies (2021)

– Andrew Hammond (2021)

– Vitek Vanecek (2022-?)

Players I still need:

– Hannu Kamppuri (1985)

– Sam St. Laurent (1986)

Side Quest: Dressed, never played.

I’m adding the following goalies to my collection. These are players who dressed for New Jersey Devils games, but never saw any game action. Some of them will probably be pretty hard to find, but I’ve got nothing else to do, why not?

Dressed but never played

Players I am looking for:

Doug Dadswell (1991-92)

Frank Doyle (2005-06)

Players I have:

Dan Delianedis (1987)

Mike Buzak (1999)

Frederic Henry (2000-01)

Ari Ahonen (2002-06)

Cam Johnson (2018-19)

Kyle Shapiro (2021-22)

If you think you can help me, please drop me a line.

You can contact me about any of the above at devilspuckproject@gmail.com