New Arrivals: Frazee and McKenna

Found a seller on eBay who had both of these pucks. A combined total of 3 Devils games for these two goalies.

Frazee was a longtime Devils minor leaguer, spending 6 seasons between Lowell and then Albany in the AHL, and 5 games in the ECHL for the Trenton Devils. He was called up in 2013. He exchanged roster spots with Keith Kinkaid, who had just made his first NHL start before being sent back down to the AHL.

Jeff never started a game for the Devils. He came in just once, in relief of Johan Hedberg on March 9, 2013. He faced three shots in 19 minutes and allowed no goals.

Jeff never played another game on the NHL and has since retired, with a forever perfect 1.000 save percentage.

Mike McKenna played two games for the Devils in the 2010-11 season. He allowed 6 goals on 56 shots.

His first start for the team was against the St. Louis Blues, his hometown team. The Devils were defeated 3-2.

Both of these pucks arrived wrapped in dirty hockey tape with the player’s name written on it, like they do for milestone pucks that are taken out of a game. These didn’t appear to be milestone pucks of any kind and they looked awful.

They did not look very “collectible” in this condition.

The first step was to remove the tape. Anyone who has ever worked with hockey tape knows, that stuff is really sticky. It came off the McKenna puck pretty cleanly. The Frazee was left with much more sticky residue around the edges. However, since I display them in a wall mounted shadow box, that doesn’t really show.

I should add, these pictures will show you my own method of labeling signed pucks, labels printed with a Dymo LectraTag label maker. While right now I can identify each one, I was afraid that in time, I would forget which illegible Scribble belonged to which player. The LectraTag labels are small, and adhere nicely to the surface of a puck. But, they also come off without residue. I initially tried labeling the side edge, but the texture of the puck would not allow the label to stick.

Two guys who barely played for the team and whom I anticipated difficulty in finding. Thank you how’s out to eBay user “motherpucker-puck-shop” (GREAT name) for making these available.

These pucks are non-logo and pretty beat up, and I would consider replacing them with a proper team logo puck should I ever find one.

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