New Arrival: Bob Sauvé

I originally found and purchased this one on eBay in December 2020. Unfortunately, the seller (a former Devils equipment manager) didn’t realize he had it in his storage locker, and he could not access it due to COVID restrictiions.

Fast-forward 6 months, and I found it on eBay again. Closed the deal and now it’s added to the collection.

I hardly remember Bob as a player. He came to the Devils in 1987-88 via free agency, and he shared playing time with Alain Chevrier and a young rookie named Sean Burke. Burke took over the starting duties in 1988-89 and played in 62 games, with Bob playing in only 15. He played only those two seasons with the Devils before retiring due to chronic back issues.

His best career year was 1980 with the Buffalo Sabres, when he shared the Vezina Trophy with Don Edwards.

Check out the late 70’s/early 80’s mustache action. He was like the Magnum P.I. of hockey players.

He is now a player agent and represents Marc-Edouard Vlasic and Jason Demers. He also used to represent guys like Patrick Roy and Vincent Lecavalier.

This puck is signed in what appears to be ballpoint pen, which does not make for as striking an appearance as my favored silver Sharpie. But, it’s a signed puck by an older Devils goalie, which are hard to come by.

I am happy to bring it into my collection after a 6 month delay. Many thanks to eBay user “10college” for making it available. You should check out his eBay listings, he has some early Devils jerseys and some Capitals stuff that was really cool to look at.

This signature is on what appears to be an official game puck from the time period. Even if it isn’t, it at least has the red and green colors that were in use when Bob played for the Devils.

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