New (Outgoing) Mail Day

I have definitely been doing my best to try to put myself “out there” to try to get this project done. part of that was talking to Jay at You want to talk about a collection? He is attempting to obtain the signature of everyone who ever played in the NHL. Makes my project pale in comparison.

Jay was able to provide me with some tips about autograph seeking, but also some addresses of retired players who have been receptive to his autograph requests. I figured it was worth a shot.

I have also been making efforts to connect with players on social media, and have been in touch with one.

So I am in the process of sending out pucks, silver Sharpies, and return envelopes to five separate players.

Actually, one of those is Hannu Kampurri in Finland. There is apparently no way to send a return envelope internationally, so I just asked him to contact me in a note, providing him my e-mail, so I can pay for the shipping cost. I expect that I will not see that puck back, and that the money spent to send it to Finland will be lost. I am ok with that, its all part of this project and I am happy to make the effort.

Five pucks. Five players. Let’s see how many come back.

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