The Collection Tour: Chris Terreri

Chris was the 85th overall draft pick in 1983 out of Providence College. He came to the Devils in 1986-87, bounced around in the minors a little, and stayed for good from 1989 to the 1995-96 season. During most of that time, until 1994, he was basically a half-time starter, splitting games with players like Sean Burke and eventually, Martin Brodeur.

Still love the old red and green.

He retired from playing in 2001, only to come back in 2005-06 to play a single game for the Albany River Rats, where he was working as an assistant coach. He remains active in coaching today, with the New York Islanders currently.

I had the opportunity to meet Chris a few times, but my favorite memory of him is from the 1995 Stanley Cup “parking lot parade” at the Meadowlands . I was 18 years old, called out of my retail job, and went. We arrived a little late, but by some fluke, wound up exactly where the players drove through. We were high fiving players, their wives, whoever, and of course screaming like lunatics.

Terreri came by holding a.l big sign reading “Nashville? No Way”. The rumor of the day was that the team was set to relocate to Tennessee, which would have killed me and most Devils fans. When he reached the stage, Chris held that sign high and the place went nuts.


I obtained this puck in one of my favorite ways: as part of a larger lot of signed pucks. This one was 6 in total, and by the time I re-sold the other 5, the Terreri was almost free. Chris was the first goalie that I watched and cheered for regularly, and I am happy to have this one in the collection.

I always like when a guy takes the time to sign a puck in the “right” spot; doesn’t obscure the logo, but still big and clear enough.

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