New Arrival: Lindsay Middlebrook

Lindsay was another early Devils goalie, playing his first game for New Jersey in 1983 . He appeared in just 9 games as a Devil. New Jersey would be his final stop in the NHL.

Lindsay Middlebrook

When I reached out to Jay Noble at Hockey Ink In The Mail, Lindsay’s address was the first one he provided. I sent a puck and return envelope his way, and for a while… nothing.

So, I sent a follow up letter to him (and a couple others I had written to), and was very happy when I received an email from the man himself! He told me he was away but he had received my package, and he would return it in two weeks. And he complemented my project!

True to his word, the puck arrived in short order, with a pretty nice inscription on it to boot. I sent a “thank you” email, because I really do appreciate when these guys treat fans the right way, and Lindsay did just that.

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