Kamppuri, St. Laurent, Erickson, Shulmistra: $40 Finders’ Fee Available

I have had ZERO success getting these signatures. Think you can do better than I can? Then put my money where your wallet is.

If you find nee information that directly leads me to obtaining the signature of one of these gentlemens’ signatures on a puck, I will pay you a $40 USD finder’s fee.

Rules are simple:

1) Has to be information that’s new to me. I have made some efforts on these guys and have followed some leads. I’ll tell you if it’s new info to me (honor system).

2) Has to lead to me actually getting the signed puck. I’m not paying for leads, I am paying for the successful lead.

3) No eBay links. I search eBay for these multiple times a day, and I am not offering to pay you for finding it first.

4) If you are offering to sell me one of these pucks from your own collection, we will work out a fair price, which will be market value for a virtually unknown goalie, plus a $40 finder’s fee. Those items will be subject to my ability to verify the signature using online examples. This avoids people forging a puck to cash in.

5) Only the first person who gives me the successful lead gets the finder’s fee.

6) If I get multiple leads for one guy, and cannot tell which one was the successful lead for some reason, we will figure something out, whether it’s flipping a coin, splitting it, or something else.

Who thinks they have the skills to get this done? Reach out to me and show me what you can do!

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