New Arrival: Shawn MacKenzie

Shawn was born in Bedford, Nova Scotia. He played in just 6 NHL games, all of them for the Devils in 1983. He spent a few more seasons in the AHL before retiring from play in 1987.

These days (and since 2006) Shawn has been involved in junior hockey with the Bedford Minor Hockey Association. Which, as it happens, is exactly how I located him. Using good old fashioned Google searches, I reached out to the BMHA, and spoke with Greg in their offices.

Greg told me he spoke to Shawn and if I were to send the puck and a return envelope, he would be happy to sign it. He even offered me the opportunity to stop by and get it signed in person if I was local! Knowing what I know about return envelopes from US to Canada and back, I knew I had to engage an intermediary in Canada to assist.

So, I reached out to my man at, who was willing to help. Sent him everything I needed, and Shawn followed through.

Many thanks to the BMHA, to Greg, to Shawn, and to Sterio for hooking it all together. This reduces the list of remaining pucks to just 5.

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