New Arrival: Aaron Dell

Aaron Dell was an undrafted free agent signed by the San Jose Sharks out of the University of North Dakota. He was later signed and then waived by Toronto, and was claimed by the Devils.

Aaron played just 7 games as a Devil, but may forever hold the team record for the most badass set of goalie equipment ever.

I mean really, who wants to try to top this?
In action.

This puck is number 36 in the collection but also represents a first for the project: a donation. My buddy JWomp from the forums offered to send me this puck if I covered the shipping. Sent him the cash, and he sent me the puck. Thanks again JWomp!

This is also the first Hockey Fights Cancer puck in the collection. I happen to enjoy the aesthetic of the purple logo and do buy HFC merch from time to time. When I do, I usually also make a small donation to the American Cancer Society, just as a reminder that it’s merch but it’s merch for a cause. I figured out what I would have paid for this puck on the market, and will donate that amount to ACS.

Another one down, four to go!

Came pre-labeled and the effort to remove it would be significant, so I’m leaving it.

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