Still seeking the “Final Four”.

1. Chad Erickson

Was looking for pucks and information and found this article, which contains quite a few quotes from Chad. He was the last Devils goalie who started a game before Martin Brodeur got his first NHL win.

Read the Article Here

2. Richard Shulmistra: I learned Richard is very active in a youth hockey program near where he lives. I reached out and the executive director got back to me, and said he was friends with Richard and would get my info to him. Never heard from Richard, so I sent a follow up email to the director, and got no response to that.

So I sent the puck, sharpie, return envelope, and a small donation to the youth hockey program in hopes that someone will receive it and just hold it out and say “sign this please”.

Hanna Kamppuri: one of the first pucks I mailed out, never heard from him and it never came back. He is in Finland and I am running out of options to find him. Does that mean I’m….Finnished???

Sam St. Laurent: a total phantom. Zero contact and not a lot of leads out there.

Have a lead that you think will help me get a puck from one of these guys? It’s $40 USD to you if you do.

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