New Arrival: Jon Gillies

I went into this season or expecting to need to obtain a lot of pucks. Things don’t always go as planned. A rash of injuries have resulted in lots of new faces inside masks in Newark.

Jon Gillies was drafted by the Calgary Flames 75th overall in 2012. Prior to New Jersey, he played in only 13 NHL games mostly with the Flames. He had not played in the NHL from 2017-18 until this year, after signing with the St. Louis Blues.

An injury to Jonathan Bernier was the motivation the Devils needed, trading for Gillies for future considerations.

While watching Jon’s first game as a Devil, I was pleased to find that pucks signed by him were readily available. I chose the 2012 draft year puck, essentially because it’s better than another team and I don’t know how long I’d have to wait for a Devils one. I do like the Draft pucks so I was happy to add it to the collection.

But let’s not have any more goalies this season.

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