Still Struggling

The final 3 (now 4) players are still on my mind. It’s been weeks since I made any efforts outside my usual searching of eBay and similar sites.

For Chad Erickson, I have found a different e-mail address than I had previously. I sent a message and it was not returned like the previous one I had. So I am cautiously optimistic that it may get through.

Sam St. Laurent and Hannu Kamppurri both remain problematic in that they are both outside the U.S. and have little to no online presence. It may be time for another trip down the rabbit hole to see if I can come up with any new information regarding these players.

I have offered up to $100 for the signed puck(s) or new information that helps me obtain one. So far I have not had any takers regarding these three.

Schmid is the “new guy” and I am not as worried. I did send him a puck and it has not yet been returned. I am hopeful that it will be, but with COVID, who knows, such requests could go directly in the trash.

I have not, and will not, abandon this project. It may take me 20 years to find the last couple of guys, but I am in it to complete the list and I will not accept any other result!!

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