Collection Tour: Craig Billington

It was recently brought to my attention (albeit inadvertently) that I kind of just stopped documenting the pucks I already had when this blog was started. I want it to be complete at some point, so I am going to resume giving a tour of the entire collection, player by player, until I have them all done.

Craig Billington was drafted by the Devils 23rd overall in 1984. That would be the Devils’ second pick in that draft, having drafted their future Captain Kirk Muller second overall.

Billington made his NHL debut during the 1985-86 season, putting up a GAA of 5.14 and a save percentage of .840 over 18 games. He remained with the Devils through the 1992-93 season. Those were some absolutely terrible years of hockey, but were also the first 8 years of my Devils fandom, so Billington holds a special place in my heart. It was also a deflection off of Craig that resulted in the one and only time I ever caught a puck in the stands, a 75th Anniversary logo puck.

Billington in his 75th Anniversary season jersey; could this have been the game where I caught my puck?

I found a signed Billington puck as I usually do, on eBay. I’ve always thought of having him sign that 75th puck I caught, and if I ever have the opportunity to meet him in person, it’s just what I will do.

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