New Arrival: Dan Delianides

Dan is another guy who got the call, backed up but never played for the Devils. He played 4 years at Colgate University before winding up with the Devils’ AHL affiliate, the Utica Devils, from 1987-1989.

Dan got the call in 1987 to back up for Alain Chevrier due to an injury to Bob Sauve. He backed up for 4 games before returning to the AHL, when Craig Billington was called up.

Coolest AHL jersey ever? It may be…

Dan was not on my original list, and on the very day I learned of his stint in New Jersey, I started looking. I found an address (it appeared to be a business address) and sent it his way. A month later, this puck arrived back to me, with a note saying that somehow it was delivered to his friend’s house, and he passed it along. I don’t know how that happened, but I am obviously very happy that it did.

Back down to four remaining.

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